Construction Management Method

1. Team member approach, (not a contractor – consumer relationship)

a. Owner

b. Construction Manager

c. Architect

d. Civil Engineer


2. Construction Manager is the agent for the Owner in the following areas:

a. Design Process

b. Budgeting

c. Approvals

d. Biding

e. Selecting contractors

f. Coordinating the construction process

g. Construction Administration

h. Scheduling

i. Tracking cost

j. Final turnover


3. Advantages for the Owner

a. Total transparent process

b. Design input by construction professional

c. Cost effective design

d. Budget updates during design process

e. The lowest possible combination of contractor costs

i. Lowest; excavation, concrete, steel, masonry, carpentry, roofing, drywall, doors and windows, painting, floor covering, ceilings, HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, electrical, security, site, paving, landscaping, etc.

ii. Not just the lowest general contract which will have some low cost subcontractors and other higher cost subcontractors.

iii. Inclusion of Owner known contractors in the bidding process.

f. Retention by the church of any contingency funds not used in the construction

g. Buying power of a large general contractor

h. Security of payment being made directly to the individual contractors

i. Security of lien wavers directly from each contractors

j. Security of the Owner being additional insured by each of the contractors

i. If any contractor’s insurance policy were canceled, the Owner would receive notice.

k. Flexibility, not change orders

l. Problem solving not adversarial avoidance

m. Less stress

4. Advantages for your Church choosing Church Constructors Inc. as the Construction Manager for your church building or ministry related facility:

a. The principles of Church Constructors Inc. are deeply committed Christians and have a ministry based philosophy of business.

b. The experience of Church Constructors Inc. in serving as construction managers for many other churches in the New York metropolitan area, including urban, suburban and rural.

c. Church Constructors Inc. personal understanding of the unique needs of a church or Christian ministry.

d. The success of Church Constructors Inc. in completing projects within budget and in the schedule that is best for the Owner.

e. The recommendation of the past and current clients including pastors, ministry directors, CEOs of nonprofit charities, building committee members and missionaries.